Security Architecture Design

Security Architecture Design

Minimum 600 words

It should be in APA format and have to include at least two references.

Make sure to use the enclosed template. Any other format will not be accepted.

1- List 2 methods to build visual models of your system.

2- What is the best definition of a trust boundary?

3- What are the 3 most essential questions to ask in threat modeling?

4- In the Star Wars mnemonic, what threat does Luke Skywalker embody?





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Threat modeling for computer system security in earliest 20th century borrowed analytic concepts from other, more mature, fields. When professionals started threat modeling, they got the concept of data flow diagrams (DFD) from system engineers. The process flow of an application decomposition, and development. They began as an abnormal state perception of how an application assumes a part in framework security and made further remedies to move,

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