Security challenges in emerging networks

Security challenges in emerging networks

The purpose of this assignment is to develop skills to independently think of


Explain the major methodologies for secure networks and what threats they address;

d. Identify and report network threats, select and implement appropriate countermeasures for network security.




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Smart grid network is the future generation system that provides a well-organized, safe, reliable and cost-effective production, distribution as well as consumption of power. For these objectives to be achieved, the smart grid network has to be integrated alongside strategic infrastructure, protocols, wireless network and communication systems. This dissertation provides a detailed investigation of the smart grid network architecture as well as the recent development of the system in various parts of the world. Security is one of the most critical features that are considered in any system development process, hence this is analyzed in relation to the importance of cybersecurity within the system, security issues that the system currently faces or is likely to face in future,

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