see requirement

see requirement

Begin by reading and annotating the following:

They Say, I Say Chapter 4 on “Yes / No / Okay, But”: Three Ways to Respond
They Say, I Say Chapter 5 on “And Yet”: Distinguishing What You Say from What They Say
The second section of assigned reading for Tuesday is a chapter of your choosing (Chapter 16, 17, 18, 19, or 20)…but before reading your selected chapter, take a look at the forum instructions below.

Initial 200-word Post
One 400-word Reply (to Self)
For Essay #2, you’ll be asked to write in response to an article on a timely topic. You’ll find the main article by first immersing yourself into one of topics presented by the “Readings” chapters in our They Say, I Say textbook. However, before you read that group of articles, do a brief pre-reading post here.Your more substantial response to the readings (and to your initial ideas on the topic before you read about it) will come after. The second post asks you to reply to and build on your own post to show knowledge gained after reading.

The earlier initial post deadline is obviously there because you’ll want to manage your time to write the shorter, initial post early on – with plenty of time to be able to read all the articles and return to write meaningfully in the reply.

Your Own Initial Post:

First, browse through the “Readings” chapters in the book to get a sense of the topics available. Again, you only have to read one of these chapters, but you do need to read one whole chapter in its entirety.

Chapter 16, “How Can We Bridge the Differences that Divide Us?” (Improving understanding across American communities)
Chapter 17, “Is College the Best Option?” (Benefits and pitfalls of going to college in the present state of U.S. higher education)
Chapter 18, “Are We in a Race Against the Machine?” (Technology and its impact on society)
Chapter 19, “What’s Gender Got to Do with It?” (Understanding and challenging assumptions about the way different genders should behave)
Chapter 20, “What’s There to Eat?” (How and why food issues are also health, education, government, and business issues)
Select one of these topic chapters that you’re interested in learning more about and building an argument around for the next essay. I recommend choosing a topic that you don’t consider yourself particularly well-versed on and one for which you don’t know your own particular stance(s). This will make the process of engaging with the writers’ arguments much more interesting and beneficial for you to form a balanced, well-supported argument of your own.

When you’ve settled on a topic chapter, write an initial post that tells us what you might know, what you already know, or what you might want to know on the topic. This is a valuable pre-reading exercise, and it doesn’t need to show you are an expert. On the contrary, a strong post can simply discuss what intrigues you about this topic and what questions you hope will get answered. What might be going on right now that affects the topic you selected? What authors or titles you see in that chapter show something or someone you might be familiar with? What questions do you have or what would you ask an expert about to learn more on this topic?

This initial post should be proofread and 200 words or more.

Your Reply Post:

Next, the longer reply post to yourself should show you gained a deeper understanding of one or more specific readings and a specific, critical question (this is known as a specific “question-at-issue” that is answered in the text – more on this later) within the original broader topic of the chapter.

Read through your original pre-reading post. What questions were answered? How was the topic or the readings different from what you might have expected? What did you learn and what interests you about the arguments made so far? Your post should include…

a focus on one main article that mosts interests you in terms of its argumentation. Give us this article’s thesis and whatever else you feel is important to understanding its main points. Select this article carefully as this is the argument you’ll work with for Essay #2, and you’ll also build off these ideas for Essay #3.
at least one well-integrated quote from your main article and at least two well-integrated quotes from at least two other articles that include in-text citations (Look back at Ch. 3 or Purdue OWL if needed) included in your chapter’s readings. How might two other articles in the chapter talk back to or support the ideas in your main article?
You might organize your post by 1) reflecting on how your thinking has changed since the pre-reading post, 2) introducing your main article and why its thesis or overall argument interests you, and 3) integrating a few key quotes along the way that you could potentially use for the next essay. Analyzing and explaining those quotes can help lay the groundwork for our next major assignment.

You’ll notice that some of the articles have more of a clear stance and position than others. Try to select an article with a clear position as its thesis as this will make your job easier in solidifying your own position for the essay. The article should also be on a topic for which you’ll be able to expand or deepen your knowledge and find scholarly articles and research later on.

This reply post should be proofread and 400 words or more.

Feel free to read and respond to classmates’ posts as well to engage with others’ ideas and build stronger thinking around the topics or argumentation.

There are two parts.

The first one is 200words and should upload within 1 hour.

and then I can give you more time for the second parts




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Technology Impact on Society
Levels of tech development in contemporary have significantly improved, all in an effort to improve human comfort in various environments. The continuous study of nuclear medicine seeks to provide solutions to health issues through continuous research in nuclear technology while the quest for a sentient robot seeks to provide an alternative to human labor in various employment contexts.

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