see requirements and i will upload some lecture notes

see requirements and i will upload some lecture notes

As a new correction professional (i.e. correction officer, probation officer, addiction treatment specialist, etc.) discuss the skill set required to handle the responsibilities in working in a particular area. For example, you are working with an inmate on intensive supervision. Your title is Probation Officer. What skills will you require to work effectively with this inmate and remain in compliance with the rules of the department? Review the reading material and think about what the skills in terms you may need. Write in terms of a scenairo to present for the position, the case/charges, individual special needs if any, and expected outcomes. This is an opportunity to apply all you have learned about alternatives to incarceration and current efforts toward addressing the new approaches





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Correction Professional

In order to be an effective probation officer, it is important to possess a number of skills to accomplish the assigned supervision task in an effective manner. It is evident that one requires not only skills but also extra knowledge for the success of the program (Ugwudike and Raynor)

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