see the requirement

see the requirement

To help with your thinking and drafting for this essay, first print, read, and annotate the following texts:

Chapter 5 on “Description”Preview the document from The Norton Sampler
Chapter 6 on “Narrative” Preview the documentfrom The Norton Sampler
Anne Lamott’s “Shitty First Drafts”
“On Solitude,” from Habits of the Creative Mind

After you’ve completed your draft, post a link or a file to your full Essay #1 draft of 750-1000 words. This draft is due here by 11:59pm Tuesday 6/25. In the text box of the post, tell us which prompt (#1 on a transformative moment or #2 on a language, reading, or writing moment) your essay addresses, and give a 2-3 sentence summary of your essay that includes and underlines your thesis. Try to be concise with these few sentences…being able to create a short, strong description of your essay is in and of itself an exercise in focusing your thoughts.


54-60 points: Writer’s own draft is full, complete, and finished on time. Peer review feedback reply posts are thorough, detailed, and generous, including constructive criticism and helpful suggestions. The feedback shows thoughtful consideration and effort towards understanding and assisting the writers in their essays’ purposes.

48-53 points: Writer’s own draft is mostly full, complete, and finished. Peer review feedback reply posts are thorough and detailed, but may lack some aspects of the “describe, evaluate, suggest” directions.

42-47 points: Writer’s own draft is submitted but may be missing some elements of the essay or is lacking in length. Peer review mostly meets requirements, but may lack some details.

43 and under: Draft and/or peer review is incomplete or missing.




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Transformative Moment

Every person has a transformative moment that he or she can account for in a certain part of their lifetime. A transformative moment is simply the moment that greatly changed one’s entire life or part of life (Dueck). This moment at many times usually comes once in a lifetime and it is upon the individuals to utilize it well in the event that they want a significant change in their future life.

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