Seminar wk4

Seminar wk4

Share your thoughts on the components that should be included when defining critical thinking
Discuss steps you can take to be a critical thinker as you read, reflect, and analyze scholarly research and information from scholarly resources such as your textbooks.




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Development of Critical Thinking
There are important components that cannot be separated from critical thinking during its definition. In my opinion, the first component that should be included is the set of information. When defining critical thinking, there must be some set of data or information that is to be evaluated or discussed in the first place, I think I would just call it the subject matter. The other components that go hand in hand with the set of information are processing skills and belief generating. For the process of critical thinking to be complete, there must be the art of believing in something and processing skills. One should be able to process a set of information within time and come up with a comprehensive solution (Bers, Chun, Daly & Tobolowsky, 2015). The second component is the habit, it basically forms from intellectual commitment, in many cases,

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