Sexuality Discussion Responses

Sexuality Discussion Responses

Each response must be 100 words or more. Respond to these two student posts…

POST 1:The first topic from this week that I found interesting was how parents influence our sexual behavior. Better yet, their approach when influencing their children. I found this topic to be interesting when learning that most parents sexuality education is based on gender. Parents instill strict rules on their daughters about having sex, how they dress and the type of attention they might “attract” while hardly ever telling their sons anything. I found this to be interesting because I personally thought this was only my parents way of thinking but it’s interesting to know that it’s a worldwide way of thinking. My parents were always strict with me, and to this day tell me I can’t have children until I’m married. Meanwhile, two of my brothers had children at a young age and were never informed of the importance of practicing safe sex or any type of sexual education at that. The second topic I found to be meaningful from this week is the topic regarding the sexual context of marriage. This refers to the sexual frequency and satisfaction within married couples. Many married couples are focused on working, raising their children and are anxious about the economy or their bills and in return leave out their desire for love making. I found this to be meaningful because during the first years of marriage and when kids come into the picture couples easily fall into a pattern of letting the physical part of their marriage which include intimacy and sex fall by the wayside. This is very meaningful because I have personally witnessed this happen to many people around me. Many married couples get so caught up raising their children that once their children are eighteen and decide to move out, many parents divorce because they no longer have anything in common. They allow their intimacy and sex to become non-existent and put all their focus on their children that it becomes the only thing keeping them together. This is a scary thing that happens far too often.

POST 2: One of the topics that I found interesting in this week’s reading was “Who influences our sexual behavior: family and friends”. I found this topic intriguing because it is a subject that I can relate to. I recently had a daughter who started high school and have been talking about sex for the past two years with. Whether, I believe my daughter is having sex or not I did not want her to be missed informed about sex education. I was a teen mom, who got pregnant in high school and received very little information regarding sex. I never spoke with my parents, sister or friends about sex. I wanted to make sure that my daughter was highly informed about the responsibilities that came with being sexually active. I do agree with the text that parents tend to gender sex education, I did the same. I informed my daughter about STD’s, birth control, and the emotional attachment that can come along with sex. I explained to her that its better to wait until she is older and met someone who she trusts physically and emotionally. But if she decides to be sexually active then to make sure that she protects herself and her future. As a parent you hope that this is one of the things that your child listens to, but if not then they are well educated. Another topic that I found intriguing was “Martial Sex” Me and my husband have been married for 12 years and have 3 children. As the years pass by, I realized that the frequency of our sexual activity has decreased. As we go from day to day taking care of our children, working, and maintain our home we have less and less time for intimacy. I do find that our low sexual frequency less problematic, because we do find commitment, love, security, and conversation more satisfying than before. A marriage eventually turns into a partnership, friendship, a bond that brings more satisfaction than any sexual relationship.



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Sexuality Discussion Responses
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Parents have the full responsibility to guide their children on various matters. Different cultures delineate various gender roles, which may vary from one community to the other. In some communities,

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