Slides requirement

Slides requirement

The article I have posted before. Now I was assigned to talk about article’s significance to the industry and significance to overall(Included academic and literature ). You wrote something about those. Now you need write them more specific with detail. So please do me 2-3 pages about those content and write them separately. Also please write me a speech draft which I can present.

Cuz you wrote something too general. I hope it can explain why it is significant and you need add content this time about significance to industry. So there should be two parts. 1, Significance to industry 2. significance to overall (point out the significance of the paper’s contribution to the literature, why should academics care about it). Then 2-3 pages slides and speech draft. I decide to pay you 30 if you can also write me a good speech draft which I can present 3 minutes

2-3 pages for slides and 3 minutes for speech draft like 1.5 -2 page
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Accounting Standards

The primary objective of the research in this case is comparison of areas of convergence between local standards and  the international standards of finance reporting.

The researchers identified  German firms that had always used the international IFRS in their financial reports, and others that had adopted the US GAAP standards in achieving the same objectives.

Among the premise of the research is the necessity of relevance and faithful representation in a financial report. Therefore, all endeavors in accounting standards and policies are geared towards achievement of these two principals.

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