Span of Control and Practical Reflection

“Span of Control and Practical Reflection”  Please respond to the following:

  • Supervision is an important part of managing a law enforcement agency. Chapter 8 of the course textbook covers several supervision models used to effectively manage police operations. Span of Control is one of the models examined and it refers to identifying the appropriate number of employees that can be managed by any one supervisor (p. 227).  Give your opinion regarding what is the appropriate span of control and explain your rationale.
  • In most cases, careers in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement exist, in some form of another at the Federal, State, and Local/County/City level and often in the private-sector.  This week, research your selected position on, or your state’s employment management system, local municipality’s employment management system, and (private-sector), and discuss the similarities and differences (example: salary, jurisdiction, scope of work, required skill and education, and promotion potential).

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Span of control refers to the number of police officers that should be under one command unit. For a team to function effectively there must be cohesion and teamwork among them. I believe that teams operate effectively when…

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