Read the Case Study and answer the “Discussion Points” in a clear but concise way. Be sure to reference all sources cited and use APA formatting throughout. Minimum of 3 peer reviewed references with in-text citations

Discussion Questions

1. Visit the NetMotion Web site ( and access and read other Mobility XE success stories. Discuss the patterns that can be observed in the benefits that Mobility XE users have realized via its deployment and use.

2. Do some Internet research on the security implications of HIPPA requirements for hospital networks. Discuss the major types of security mechanisms that must be in place to ensure hospital compliance with HIPPA requirements.

3. Do some Internet research on the use of VLANs in hospitals. Summarize the benefits of using VLANs in hospitals and identify examples of how St. Luke’s could further enhance its wireless network by implementing VLANs.




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St. Luke’s Health Care System Case Study

The healthcare center is vital in our society; nevertheless, the delivery of various services should be of great quality. Within the healthcare industry, the utilization of technology and innovation is fundamental in different aspects of overseeing the hospitals. The management of medication, administration, and health records of the clients can be achieved by the mobile creativities. Mobile XE  is the fundamental mobile achievement, that is greatly employed in healthcare centers more so when involving young generations. The application encourages the linkage of healthcare centers in different locations and sectors. Furthermore, the application is important in the execution of medical objectives where persons need quality services at many times. By the use of the application, the healthcare centers have augmented their efficiency and accuracy levels (Wager, Lee & Glaser, 2017). 

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