Statement of purpose

Statement of purpose

Apply Master degree in Economic.

Describe your reasons for pursuing the degree, how your goals coincide with what the program has to offer, and how your qualifications will benefit the program.

Please provide a statement of your personal objectives, indicating why you are interested in earning an MA in Economic and how you will believe the degree will assist you in your long term goals.

I’m applying master degree of economic, I need an application….


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Statement of Purpose: Masters in Economics

Based on the contemporary views on education, acquiring a Bachelor’s degree inadequately meets the needs to aid the society in solving some of the contemporary issues that would be appropriately addressed through research and an extensive understanding of the issues in question. One of the primary advantages of undertaking a master’s degree program lies in the specificity with which one covers different issues, in effect increasing the amount of impact one would be capable of making in the society through research. I have always wished to be a researcher in economics, but my level of knowledge if critical concepts are significantly limited.

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