Strategic Analysis

Strategic Analysis

Please use Marsh, Inc. and research its vision, mission, and values. Use chapter one of Strategic analysis and action and any other applicable materials to critique these basic direction setting statements. Complete a 3-5 page paper. Be sure to cite your sources.

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Crossan, M. M., Rouse, M. J., Fry, J. N. & Killing, J. P. (2016). Strategic analysis and action (9h ed.). Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Pearson Prentice Hall.




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Mission, vision, and values all relate to an organization’s intentions, and often they are communicated in some written form. Vision and mission are statements that help the company answer questions such as who they are, what kind of services they provide, and where exactly they are going (Crossan, Mary, Fry & Killing, 2004). Also, organizations with clearly communicated broadly understood and jointly shared vision and mission have proven to perform better than the ones without.

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