Teamwork Operations

Teamwork Operations

Use the questions below to analyze issues related to group/teamwork and stress and the work–life balance in your chosen organization.

Include answers to the following questions in your paper:

  • What roles do power and influence play in teams?
  • Consider the following:
    • Peer pressure/groupthink
    • Role of conflict, competition, and collaboration
  • How do the power and influence effect the individual?
  • What are some workplace stressors associated with teamwork?
  • How might the team help or hinder an individual in dealing with stress? (Examples: missed deadlines, poor performance by members, social loafers, emotional support, etc.)
  • What work–life balance considerations may occur when working in teams? What work–life arrangements or benefits would be most helpful, and why?
  • How might the team help or hinder the work–life balance? (Examples: deadline pressures, job-sharing, virtual team meetings, etc.)

Include 1–2 scholarly resources in APA format to support your answer.

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Power is a person’s ability to exert his will on others. Thus, individuals that have power in teams have the ability to overcome resistance, thereby achieving the desired results. However, individuals that have power in the team must…

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