Consider how one particular technology item has affected society

Consider how one particular technology item has affected society

3–4 strong paragraphs for Main Posts(450 WORDS ) and 2–3 strong paragraphs for Response Posts(100WORDS FOR EACH).

Mobile devices, the Internet, and other technologies have made a large impact on the daily lives of people all over the world.

Consider how one particular technology item has affected society from a human–computer interaction (HCI) perspective, and answer the following questions:

Discuss the technology’s impact on social, ethical, and legal issues.
How do you think the role of this technology has changed HCI since its inception?
How do you see the future of this technology further changing HCI?
Response needed:

Classmates and Professor,

Smart watches and bracelets have continued to advance since the calculator watch. Even though the calculator watch was an amazing piece of technology, its buttons were hard to press, and the display was extremely small. Today, the way we interact with all smart devices has changed significantly in just the past few years. Smart watches do just about everything your phone can. I have been using a Fitbit watch since it came out to keep track of my steps. I am on my fourth one now and the advances have been amazing. It is touch screen, allows me to see who is calling, read text messages, plays music, and even tells time. The big difference in this one from my last one is the ability to keep track of my heart rate. For a cardio patient this is a great advantage.

Future advances for smart watches and bracelets are already becoming present. Diabetes patients can use their smart watches to monitor their glucose levels. Although an external device is needed that communicates with your smart phone, its only a matter of time before only the watch or bracelet is needed. Smart devices in our surroundings is a future advancement that will continue to grow and link our lives together. Speech recognition is getting better with age and now my Alexa does not answer it itself when her commercial comes on. The need for pressing a button will vanish in the future, in my opinion. Things such as turning on lights, appliances, and even cars are all done through voice control. Incorporate your smart watch that is on you most of the day, you can turn your lights on from anywhere.

Response needed:

Happy Friday everyone!!

Social Media has grown in popularity in the recent years with applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat, etc. The younger crowds were the primary users of these technologies, but now us older folks are quickly becoming a part of social media population as well. We started out with the old school telephone and/or the in-person method and were onto primarily web-based communication, be it on your computer, smart phone, iPad, etc. Actually, picking up a phone and talking to someone is almost unheard of and very much becoming a thing of the past. Which now opens a can of worms for social media and potential legal issues such as freedom of speech, and right to privacy…just to name a few. It’s all readily accessible for everyone and anyone to access and do with what they want with.

Social media is primarily used today for personal communication with friends and family, as well as professional communication. Sometimes there is a crossover of public and private lives within turn ethical issues in the use of social media can come into play. I know for me personally, I have made the choice to keep majority of my coworkers off of my social media just for these reasons, because there is a fine line…even though some of these people I am friends with outside of the workplace. That being said, there are some potential downfalls/issues with social media but overall it is a great way to keep in touch and maintain relationships with friends and family.

Social media is essentially any website or service that enables users to create, modify, view, rate, or share digital objects of interest. With our ever-evolving society we’re changing our focus to an active experience where social media platforms are thriving and HCI needs to keep up now more than ever, and it seemingly has/is. Things like articles, videos and music can all be shared and commented on in real time now. Apps like Snap Chat have brought immediate and visual communication by limiting content length which gives users the ability to catch a glimpse of your friend’s “day-to-day” lives. This has completely chanted what it means to “stay in touch”. HCI is focusing on and addressing users desire for direct yet flexible access to people, and how users interact with this technology continues to progress rapidly year after year.


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Consider how one particular technology item has affected society


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