A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

The intention of this project is for the dental hygiene student to recognize and identify key
points in research and establish the levels of evidence in preventive and therapeutic studies.
Understanding published work will enable the student to review and interpret clinical studies
that are imperative for practicing evidence-based dental hygiene.
Students will be divided into groups of 3 to review a current research publication. The
publications will be selected by the lead instructor.
Each group will submit 1 typed full-sentence outline covering their assigned research article. A
template has been provided. The group will provide a 10-minute digital presentation discussing
the information covered in their typed outline. Please see rubric for grading guidelines.

You are NOT writing an actual paper – just identifying the important points as defined
in each section in an outline format.
 Your submission should closely resemble the template provided.
 Must include cover page and a reference page – I want you to practice citing correctly
o In addition to your article, be sure to cite any textbooks you use
 Your outline should follow ‘full-sentence’ APA outline format, to include proper citations
when needed. A full sentence outline = each point is a complete sentence.
 Signed Attestation and evaluation from each group member MUST be submitted or
rubric deduction will occur
 APA 7 format is EXPECTED and will be graded, to include proper in-text citations and a
reference page.
 Please keep the hyperlinks active in the reference page, if applicable.
Video Submission
 Your video submission will discuss your article and address all requested points from the
 All members must speak equally and will have a time limit of 10 minutes – see rubric for
time guide
 Each member must be visible on their recording – following social distancing guidelines,
students are not expected to be together to record their submission
 Appearance: students should be groomed (i.e. no pajamas, no undergarments showing,
hair needs to be brushed)
 Students are encouraged to practice their presentation prior to recording, as the rubric
deducts for “excessive reading”

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