The Lesson” By Bambara

The Lesson” By Bambara

  1. The Lesson by Bambara.pdf  Click here to read this text which is from an earlier RRA edition. What kind of social and economic injustice can you explore as you read? 

    Bambara questions from Rereading America.docx Click here to access the questions from Engaging the Text for this assignment.

    You need to develop a MEAL paragraph in response to each question and include a quote or paraphrase with text citation in each paragraph. ( See the youtube video posted to Weblinks for an explanation of using paraphrases and quotations in your writing.

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    In this story, we see several incidences of economic and social injustice. Here, we see social injustice through Sylvia’s opaque responses to her teacher’s lesson, Miss Moore. When the class visits F.A.O., Sylvia becomes very angry, but she cannot tell the source of her anger…

    (339 Words)

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