The Relationship between Terrorism and Humanism

I’m taking a Seminar class and I have to write a 6 page essay about “The Relationship between Terrorism and Humanism”. Life in the world after 9/11/01 has become ethically more challenging as terrorism assumes rver greater prominence in political and religious agendas. What does the tradition of liberal humanism stand to offer and lose in the struggle against terrorism in the years ahead.
Also this essay should include these topics in relation to Terrorism
What does it mean to be good, to lead a good life
How does one reconcile self-interest with a sense of social responsibility
you can use sources.

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On 11th September, 2001, several inhumane and fiendish event occurred from the skies of Washington DC, New York and Pennsylvania. This was through the three commercial aircrafts that were commanded as well as hijacked by terrorists…
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