The reluctant Fundamentalist

The reluctant Fundamentalist

For this assignment, you will write a summary-and-response paper about The Reluctant Fundamentalist. You should:

• Introduce the reader to the novel. Sum up its storyline and theme in a few sentences, and include relevant publication information (when it was published, where it was set). Briefly describe the historical context, or background information about U.S.-Pakistan relations that informs the plot (the economic sanctions against Pakistan in the 90s, as well as the War on Terror, should be referenced).
• Introduce the reader to biographical information about Hamid.- 1 paragraph
• Discuss Hamid’s choice of narrative method and its effect (Here you want to include terms such as interior monologue, narratee, and extended flashback).
• Summarize Edward Said’s definition of exile in “Reflections on Exile” (see the first paragraph). How does it apply to Changez’s predicament in The Reluctant Fundamentalist? What is the source of his exile; what factors alienate him from his native country, Pakistan?
• Summarize Edward Said’s statement about the relationship between nationalism and exile (see pg. 140, “Reflections on Exile”). How does it relate to Changez’s transformation in the novel, and his decision to return to Pakistan?
• Discuss the open ending and its effect on the reader. Why do you think Hamid resists closure? How does this narrative strategy relate to the meaning of the title, to Changez’s reluctance to embrace fundamentalisms?
• How did you react to the character of Changez? Did you find him a sympathetic character deserving of your trust, or did you regard him with suspicion? How have your own cultural background and life experiences influenced how you reacted to Changez?
• How is this novel relevant today, in the age of Trump? You might want to make connections with specific current events.

For each part of the essay that is bulleted, you should write 1-2 paragraphs.
Your essay should be double-spaced and adhere to MLA Citation Guidelines.

On the following page I have included a rubric. Note that organization of ideas, development of ideas, spelling and grammar also count. This rubric refers to the content of the essay.

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