theatre arts final exam questions

theatre arts final exam questions

all questioned and answers should be typed.

Each parts questions should be more than 1 paragraghs.

all the work should be original and dont copy and paste from internet

do not use other source, no quotes needed.

follow the instruction and answer each question clearly

share your own thought .

don’t forget to draw the picture !



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What is theater?

A theater is a building design to accommodate the large number of audience who come to watch the live performance from actors and actress. The performance is based on world experiences or imagination that is represented in form of art and drama.

Four stage formats found in a theater

Greek stage format design

Greek is said to have the main theater designs of the old and most of the modern theater ideas were borrowed from the ancient Greek. Due to the high renowned ancient Greek festival in honor of their god, attracted many audiences and Greece was the center of the festival of drama and arts. This led to high innovation and as result theaters were constructed to host the numerous audiences.  Greek stage format formed an open space where the public would watch a live performance in an open space.

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