Thesis and Annotated Bibliography

Haddon, M. (2003). The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, third 50 pages

For this assignment, you will submit your thesis and annotated bibliography for your Course Project on the assigned novel for your Module 03 written assignment. Please use an APA formatted template with a Rasmussen College cover. See the Course Guide for assistance if you are unfamiliar with the Rasmussen College APA template.


The Thesis statement should be on page 2 of the document. A thesis statement will guide the paper, so be sure to write a thesis that states what areas you will be covering in the paper. For example, if you are going to discuss one or more themes of the novel, then those themes should be in the thesis statement. Perhaps you will be covering two or more elements of fiction (from your literary terms). Then those terms should be an integral part of the thesis.

Note: In the final version of your paper, the thesis statement is the last sentence of your introductory paragraph. However, for this week, you will only turn in the thesis statement and your annotated bibliography.

Annotated Bibliography:

Along with the thesis, you will submit the annotated bibliography that references and summarizes your research.

Include at least five sources, with three from the Rasmussen online library.
Each annotation should be four to five sentences in length.
Each annotation should include facts, details, and a summary of the article.
Your last statement in the annotation should be written in first person and state why you chose the resource.
The annotated bibliography should begin on page 3 of this assignment. The Annotated Bibliography should be done in Noodlebib (again see our library resources tab). Please avoid .com sites, personal websites/blogs, and Wikipedia. If you use outside resources, make sure they are credible resources with .edu or .org or .gov, rather than .com.

Project Overview
The course project is based on aspects of the novel you are assigned to read for the course. You will write a literary analysis paper, which should focus on three or more elements of fiction to show how this novel is an example of modern literature in both theme and style. For example, you might choose to explore the novel as a “genre” novel or more closely examine the stylistic nature of the work. While reading the novel and formulating ideas for a paper, ask yourself the following:

What techniques did the author use to create memorable characters?
What point of view is used in the novel? For example, is it written from the first person viewpoint or is it 3rd person, or even 3rd person omniscient? Is the viewpoint important to the story? Find supporting evidence that explains the unique viewpoint presented in this novel.
What are the major conflicts examined in the novel? How are the conflicts explained?
How did the author incorporate other stylistic devices in this novel? What was unusual and modern about the style? What is the main idea or theme? Sometimes there are multiple themes in a work of fiction. When reading the novel, look for clues that focus on the main idea or point(s) that you think the novel is presenting to readers?
How is dialogue used in the novel?
Is the setting important in the novel? If so, explain why and how the setting is used.
Was the title of the novel significant or symbolic? If so, why?
What do you think (from your research) was the author’s purpose in writing this novel?
What changes (if any) do you think this novel brought about in modern literature?



Thesis and Annotated Bibliography


Outline of Literary Analysis and Revised Thesis (Completed and reviewed by peers in the Module 04 Discussion – NOT a Drop Box assignment)

you will submit your outline and thesis for peer review into the discussion forum. Please COPY and PASTE the outline and thesis directly into your initial post in the discussion forum for others to view. DO NOT attach it as a document. There is no need to add additional text to your post as this may be confused with the content of your thesis and outline.


Literary Analysis Final Paper

For this project assignment, you will submit your Literary Analysis paper on the assigned novel selected for the course, which should focus on three or moreelements of fiction to show how this novel is an example of modern literature in both theme and style. Please review the literary terms explored in this course. These will help you to develop the ideas and concepts you chose to examine in your paper.

Technical Requirements:

6-7 pages in length, not including cover page and references page
Use the APA template with APA cover and References page attached
Use a minimum of 5 outside resources, in addition to the textbook
At least three of the five resources need to be from the Rasmussen Online Library



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Thesis and Annotated Bibliography
The novel “The curious incident of the dog in the night-time” by Haddon depicts several themes to the readers. In this project, I will concentrate on different themes as illustrated by the novel; they will form the basis of this essay.
Thesis: this project will aim to analyze different themes evident in the novel,

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