Topic 5 DQ 1-2

Topic 5 DQ 1-2

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Health education plays a significant role in the promotion of health; therefore, by educating our patients in regards to a disease process, new medications, procedures/test, and preventative measures can reduce health risks and improve the patient’s overall health. One of the nurse’s main jobs, along with patient care, is educating the patient. Every time the nurse makes contact with the patient, some form of education should be provided to the patient (GCU, 2018). Education allows the patient to gain knowledge in learning how to care for self to prevent re-hospitalization.

The nursing process follows a standard of steps: assess, diagnose, plan, interventions and evaluation (GCU, 2018); therefore, the nursing process allows nurses to plan how to best coordinate care. Teaching the patient the most important information at that specific time is crucial in maintaining a patient’s health (GCU, 2018).

Families experience stress and challenges that can interfere with the family’s function and overall health (GCU, 2018). By providing a patient and their family information about the disease process, how to care for it, and moral/ethical support can alleviate family stress and allow the family to better comprehend information that was taught.

Steps the nurse should consider, is the patient’s learning preference, style, educational level achieved and willingness to focus/pay attention to the teaching. Furthermore, assessing the overall family, patient and home life can allow the nurse to better individualize care and education needs.

Can technology influence the patient and family in a negative or positive manner, and why?

Grand Canyon University (Ed). (2018). Health promotion: Health & wellness across the continuum. Retrieved from…



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The writer has well explained about the role of health education in health promotion. The explanation is so clear that anyone would have adequate insight of basically what health education is as well as its benefits. Just like the writer has stated, it is indeed true that health education plays a vital role in the role promotion of health since it enlightens individuals about disease, medications, procedures/tests as well as preventive measures to reduce the risks of suffering from disease.

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