Trade Agreement Assignment

Trade Agreement Assignment


  1. Choose a regional trade agreement from the many around the world (EU, MERCOSUR, CAN, NAFTA, GCC, SACU, CACM, DR-CAFTA-US, SAARC, CARICOM, ASEAN, SAARC, Arab League, African Union).
    Identify the kind of trading bloc (customs union, free trade area, common market, monetary union, etc.) and its purposes.
  2. Briefly discuss the history/timeline of the trading bloc, full member states, associate member states and observer states.
  3. Describe the organizational structure of the bloc and the functions. List the current leaders.
  4. Discuss the latest balance of trade indicators such as GDP per capita, exports, imports, etc. How is the trading bloc doing in terms of growth?
  5. Discuss current issues/challenges facing the bloc, and the more likely outcome.
  6. Discuss the impact that membership in the trading bloc has had on the economy of one member nation.

Requirement: APA format (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Minimum 1500 words. Make sure you use proper headings/subheadings to differentiate the six questions being asked. Include reference page and in-text citation.




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Introduction on Trading Blocs
Trading blocs are usually intergovernmental agreements which are often part of a larger regional intergovernmental organization where the barriers used in a trade like the tariffs are eliminated or reduced among the states that are in participation. There are different types of trading blocs that include; customs union, preferential trade areas (PTA), common market, free trade area, and monetary unions.

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