Transitional Fossil

Transitional Fossil

Pick a transitional fossil and describe what information this fossil provides about different lineages.

Should be 500 words in length – APA Format – Citations within the body of the assignment and references.




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The theory of evolution on all earthly creatures depends on the validity of transitional fossils to show that a characteristic feature that was adopted from a predecessor or ancestor has adapted to a new environment. So many years after Darwin and his theories, fossils collected have continually provided evidence of creature transformation through different stages in a bid to adapt to changing niches.  The paper is a precise analysis of transitional fossils that how the evolution of adaptation of fish from water animals to Tetrapods which are land creatures.


The transitional fossil for the transition of fish into land vertebrae begins with the Eusthenopteron which is deemed to have existed over 385 million years ago. 

(600 words)

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