Unit: Investment Analysis

Unit: Investment Analysis

What are the 7 steps to follow when investing in a surging stock market?

Use the CTU library to select and read the article for this discussion. Be sure to first review: the instructions for accessing the WSJ.

To answer this week’s question, locate the following articles (see below) by visiting ProQuest/Source Type: Newspapers/Publication title: Wall Street Journal (online)

The Surging Stock Market: Too Late to Buy?; How to Think About Investing When Prices Are This High

Arends, Brett. Wall Street Journal (Online); New York, N.Y. [New York, N.Y]21 June 2014: n/a.




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Investment Analysis
Surging Stock Market
A surging stock market is one where the prices of various securities and investments increase rapidly. There are several reasons that can be used to explain why the stock market may surge from time to time. They include increased political stability, economic progress, and great government policies that enhance the position of markets and industries within the economy. In such a market, it is imperative that investors are cautious to ensure that they do not buy stock that may later be devalued or purchase stock that may not bring the desired returns (Rosenbaum, 2018). There are several steps that can be used by shrewd investors to ensure that their investments are protected at all times. These steps ensure that an investor is not exposed to too much risk that would later affect their holding in different companies.

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