Unit VII Reflection Paper

Unit VII Reflection Paper

For this assignment, write a reflection paper that is a minimum of three pages. Reflect on the best, most rewarding experience that you have ever had as part of a team. Maybe this experience was in your work organization, a military unit, athletic team, rock band, choir, symphony, theater troupe, volunteer organization, church, or any other team that provided a rewarding experience for you. Use the socio-cognitive systems learning model to inform your discussion. 1. Team Experience Describe this team experience. What made this team so special? What was your role on the team? Why was this experience rewarding for you? 2. Team Values What did the team value? Give specific examples. How did you know that these were the team’s values? Discuss the clues you observed that may indicate the values and deep underlying assumptions of the people involved. 3. Behavioral Norms What were the team’s normative patterns of behavior? Give several specific examples of patterns of behavior within the team. How did these behaviors reflect the team’s values and deep assumptions? 4. Team Outcomes What were the outcomes of the team’s interactions? Give specific examples. 5. Analysis of Team Culture Analyze the team’s values, behavioral norms, and outcomes. Use the socio-cognitive systems learning model to inform your analysis. Did the team ever experience a conflict or a misalignment of values behaviors, and outcomes? If so, explain what happened and what the results were. If not, explain why you think the team never experienced conflict. 6. Conclusion Draw any final conclusions on your analysis of the team experience, and summarize your reflections. Use APA style



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Reflection Paper

The best and most rewarding experience that I have ever had as part of a team was when we went camping with some of my neighbors and friends from the local community center. The trip was organized as a retreat by the administrator of the community center after completion of high school. At first, I was skeptical about being part of the team since I did not know some of the team members who were to join us during the trip. However, since I knew some of the individuals in the team, I was motivated to pack my bags and join them. One of the major aspects that made the team so special was that we were of the same age. The biggest age gap between the members of the team was two years. In a team where people are of the same age,

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