VFC case study

VFC case study


i. Objective: Should be

specific, quantified and should have a time period to be achieved.

Example: To increase food sales by 10% in two years.

ii. Strategy #1. Select a strategy from chapter 5 for the above objective.

Example:Forward Integration strategy. Include the definition.

iii. Two Tactics for the above strategy. An example: Open stores to your own manufactured products.

Apple started manufacturing computers, phones, etc. and then used forward integration strategy by

opening stores to sell their own products to customers.

iv. Strategy #2. Again select one strategy from chapter 5 with definition. (The text book I have uploaded for you)

v. Two Tactics for the above strategy follow the example above.


This is the only section of the case study that students are allowed to use materials from outside the text book

resources. Offer at least three shortparagraphs on recent newsabout the firm from Google, Yahoo, Wall

Street Journal company’s profile and the company’s official websites.




Solution Preview

VF Corporation is a footwear and apparel company that contains over 30 brands which are usually organised in four categories. The company has a vision of building a leading brand lifestyle that the customers will be excited to use over the world. This will be done by ensuring there are constant innovation, culture and focus. In the process, the company has to ensure they exceed the expectations of their business partners, consumers, customers and shareholders. Performance has to be included, and the results have to be generated.

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