War Games Assignment

War Games Assignment

Research a sport, which originated as a war game and describe where, how and why it evolved over time, as the society from which it spawned transitioned from wartime to peacetime. Analyze and discuss the similarities and differences between the game as it is now and how it originated, by examining the materials used, the number of players involved, the field of play, to any changes in the rule set, along with any social/political/cultural reasons as to why these changes occur.

Your essay should be clearly organized into paragraphs, with an introduction that contains a statement sentence, body paragraphs with cohesive ideas, and a clear conclusion summarizing your main points. Your topic should maintain a strong focus throughout your paper, be thoroughly researched and well presented. Please cite your sources in a bibliography with a minimum of 3 sources, using MLA conventions.



One paper: 500-750 word essay. Organization and presentation are counted, as well as spelling and grammar.

To understand how and why games evolve by researching and analyzing the evolution of a sport from its origins as a war game.




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Boxing Sport
There are various sports that originated as a war game, one of them is boxing. It is a sport of fighting with fists, likewise known as pugilism and prizefighting, in other words, the fight for prizes or cash. Since 1904, boxing has been incorporated in the Olympic Games program. For centuries individuals employed their fists to solve differences before somebody thought of starting up those fights as entertainment (Streible, 2008).

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