Week 4: Community Access to Mental Health Services

Access to mental health services is a hot topic in U.S. Healthcare. Do you know what resources are available for clients seeking care in your own community? Select one mental health related condition from the list below. Conduct a web search to identify health care services within your community aimed specifically at addressing this condition.

Choose one:

Suicidal ideation
Opioid addiction
Answer the following questions in your post:

When reviewing a client’s health history and physical examination record, what are some findings (subjective and objective) that may indicate a need for further in-depth assessment for the condition you selected above?
Describe a focused specialty assessment tool you could use to screen the client for this condition.
What resources did you find in your community that address this issue? What type of services do they provide? Were there specific resources or services you were hoping to locate, and could not? Please explain.



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During a clinical assessment of a patient suffering from depression, a nurse interviews a patient and conducts a physical examination to determine the physiological, cultural, psychosocial, and functional domains of the patient. Using both the subjective and objective data, a clinician can determine if the illness requires further assessment (Chang, Tezanos & Cha, 2019).

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