Week2 Discussion

Week2 Discussion

In Topic 3, we have introduced the idea of interdependency or the idea that national and international problems (and solutions) that affect Americans living in one place have the ability to impact Americans living elsewhere. How do you think interdependency and the federal government’s superior taxing power contributed to a larger policy role for the national government? Do you think these factors will increase or decrease in importance in the future? What will this trend mean for the future of American federalism?

In a response of between 250-500 words, please answer the questions posed above. If you’re unsure how to begin, try thinking about these questions in the context of a specific policy area, such as terrorism, healthcare, or civil rights..



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After the end of cold world war in 1991, the dissolution of the Soviet Union marked the beginning of interdependency of nations collaborating together and formulated treaties that created the peace that the world is enjoying today. When a country is dependent on another or individuals survival is dependent on another for livelihood this is interdependency. In this topic, we are looking at the effect of American interdependence on one another.

Unity is a strength as the wise man says. America as one of the world superpower giant operates on the federal system of governance.

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