What are the description of different types of picture books?

What are the description of different types of picture books?

Choose seven types of pictures books, as listed below, for Birth to Age 5/Pre-K or for K to Age 8/Grade 3.

  • Baby books
  • Interactive books
  • Toy books
  • Wordless books
  • Alphabet books
  • Counting books
  • Concept books
  • Picture storybooks
  • Predictable books
  • Easy-to-read books
  • Transitional books
  • Picture books for older readers
  • Graphic novels
  • Postmodern picture books

In a 750-1,000 word description of the seven types of picture books, include the following:

  1. Titles, authors, and types with explanation
  2. Rationale for choices
  3. Unique instructional activities

In addition, write a 250-500 word comparison of the different types of picture books chosen.




Solution Preview

Description of different types of picture books.

K to Age 8/Grade 3.

Interactive books

Titles; Flora and the flamingo.

Author; Molly Idle.

Explanation; this is a picture book in the real sense. This book has only pictures and has no words. These pictures tell a great story of a girl named Flora who wants to be sleek and graceful and dance like a flamingo. (Idle, M. 2014).

Rationale for choices; I selected this book because it entails clear illustrations in pink with white stripes. These lines are crucial in illustration Flora the flamingo and beautiful blossom of the trees. There are flaps to look in many pages of this book, and it is fun to see that the story changes on every page.

Unique instructional activities; there is a great demonstration video with audio music explaining how the book works. Flamingo and Flora are the principal dancers in this book. This book illustrates the power of friendship. 

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