What is a historical moment in the years of Reconstruction until today marks a important transition in America History?

What is a historical moment in the years of Reconstruction until today marks a important transition in America History?


General Overview: Select an event, incident, a legislative action, or related marked historical moment in the years from Reconstruction until today that marks an important transition in American History. This historical event can lead to a social, economic, or political transition that shaped the country’s history. Additionally, you will conclude this research project with a supposition of how history might have been shaped had this event never occurred or of another possible outcome could have been possible.


Examples: How did the new technology of WWI change modern warfare? What could have been the possible benefits and problems if the Freedman’s Bureau continued beyond Reconstruction?

Research Objectives & Questions to be discussed in Your Essay: (Incorporate these questions in the writing of your essay.)

  • Why did you select this event?
  • What were both the short- and long-term effects of this historical event?
  • Who all were impacted/affected by this historical event?
  • How was history changed by this event?
  • If you were to imagine a different outcome or reaction to your event, what do you suppose might have been a different outcome in the short- and long-term?
  • Your completed essay must be at least 850 words. All essays must be double-spaced, using margins to not exceed 1″, and using a font that is no larger than 12 pt.
  • The essay must include at least one primary AND one secondary source (explanation of the differences can be found here).
  • The essay must include one image that is either a primary or secondary document. The image should have a caption of 50-100 words explaining its relevance to the essay project. The image can be embedded within the text essay or attached as a separate page.
  • Cite all sources used for research. The preferred citation style for the essay is the Turabian/Chicago style. Common citation styles for this format can be found at the https://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/turabian/citation-guide.html
  • All KNAC projects must contain a Works Cited page, and must use either footnotes or endnotes.
  • Attach all documents (essay, supporting documentation, illustrations, journals, etc.). Submission of the essay portion must be in a .doc or .docx file type.




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The Event: The 15th Amendment, Feb 3, 1870
The 15th amendment was one of the great contributions in America’s history. It was the turning point for the African Americans to make political contributions. After the 13th amendment abolished slavery, the 14th amendment went a step ahead to protect the civil rights of the African Americans. These people lacked one more thing, the right to political freedoms like voting. As such, the senate moved motion to allow the African Americans have a right to vote. This permission would later have a great effect on the history of America and this will be the object of this paper.
The short and long-term effects of the 15th amendment
After the struggle to put the amendment in law, the following short-term effects were experienced in the society.

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