Why does diversity matter?

Why does diversity matter?

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Paper 3 Prompt
Why does diversity matter? In what context? For example, does diversity matter in the workplace, educational settings, relationships (e.g., friendships, marriages), or just society in general? Does diversity ever bring negative consequences? Why or why not?

Writing: Identify a certain context in which diversity matters and argue why it should be promoted or rejected.

Module 3 – Introduction
Diversity can be defined as people coming together from different races, nationalities, religions, ages, and sexes to form a group, organization or community. Valuing diversity can bring about advantages to society because it unites people from different backgrounds, skills, attitudes and experiences to bring fresh ideas and perceptions. However, it can also bring about disadvantages because diversity means difference in all manner and form.

In this module, you will read about why diversity matters in certain contexts. Then you will have an opportunity to make your own argument about why diversity matters in certain contexts, such as the workplace, school, in marriage, in friendship, etc.








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Why does Diversity Matter?


Diversity refers to people coming together from different backgrounds to form a group, institution or organisation. In a community setup, diversity plays a significant role in enhancing unity among members from different nationalities, experiences as well as attitudes to incorporate new societal concepts. Notably, (Berlatsky) suggests that the white Americans should have a comprehensive, diverse media; in this case, the protagonist diversity is a way to reduce issues related to racial disparities.

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