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wirte a discussion

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Assignment Instructions:

Step 1: Take a photograph of a mural that you encounter in your daily life. Upload it to a post, and identify it the best you can (if there is information about the artist, title, date, etc near the mural, include it). Include the location of the mural, too!

Step 2: Just as you did for your “Art Analysis” assignment, take time to observe and describe the mural.

Step 3: In addition to describing what the mural depicts and what it looks like, try to articulate why you like this mural and what draws you to it. OR, if you do not like this mural – explain why. Provide a critique or critical assessment.

Step 4: Utilize at least one video or reading from this week’s unit to make a connection between the material you’ve learned about this week and the mural you encounter in your everyday life. How does this example of a mural you encounter in your everyday life compare and contrast to the public murals you learned about this week? You can use quotes if you like to support your analysis but be sure to contextualize them.

Step 5: Read and respond to at least ONE of your peers’ essays.

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This is my peers’ essay.

A mural I am interested in is “Tribute to Wilt Chamberlain” at Vine and North 13th streets. This mural is created by artist John Lewis in 2000 and is sponsored by Philadelphia 76er’s and Philadelphia Daily News. In the mural, you can clearly see there is a basketball court, and the man who is playing on the court is the legendary American basketball player Wilt Chamberlain. The mural record some symbolic moments of Chamberlain on the court whether he is doing free throw, post-up play as well as lay-up. Every vivid movement in the mural is easy to draw me back to the court and resonate my passion for basketball. Moreover, after knowing the history, I can feel more emotion toward this mural. Wilt Chamberlain was born in Philadelphia, into a family of nine children, his sports career also start at this city where he grew up. Chamberlain used his talent to take his hometown team to the NBA finals and finally won the playoffs. Sports mean a lot to Philadelphia, it’s part of the city’s history, and Chamberlain definitely makes a lot of contribution to the development of Philly’s sports. In addition, as imposing and awe-inspiring as the Philadelphia native was on the basketball court, he was kind and thoughtful outside the arena. Due to Chamberlain’s sports talent, he made a good salary and endorsement fee, and he also invests a lot of money on developing sports and philanthropy. “Even after he passes away in 1999, a substantial amount of money was set aside to sponsor scholarships and other causes benefiting youth in the Greater Philadelphia area.” In 2001, the Wilt Chamberlain Memorial Fund was established and committed to making a difference in the lives of youth and young adults and helping them create their own legacy, just like its namesake did throughout his life. After research, I learn more about what he has done for this city and what he means to the people who live in this city. As mentioned in the video “Why Murals?” Artists want the murals can speak the same visual language as the city. Due to the contribution that Mr. Chamberlain has done for Philadelphia, The mural “Tribute to Wilt Chamberlain” not only shows the importance of sports in Philly, it also helps people in this city to convey their emotions for Chamberlain and stay with him in the city forever.

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1). Latino Cultures in the U.S. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Google Arts and Culture)

2). Murals, Muralism, and the Chicano Art Movement (Prof. Burk presentation)

3). Shifra Goldman, “The Iconography of Chicano Self-Determination: Race, Ethnicity and Class”Preview the document (1990)

Screenshot 2018-10-31 at 08.41.08.png

4). The History of the Chicano Art Movement (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (video)

5). Why Murals? (video)

6). “Painting the Town: Philly’s artful murals” (Philadelphia’s Mural Art Program video)

Screenshot 2018-10-31 at 09.28.13.png

7). “The History of American Graffiti: From Subway to Gallery” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (PBS Video)




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A mural that interests me is Common Threads by Meg Saligman created in the year 1998 and the artist based it on figurines of antiques that belonged to her grandmother. The mural portrays young people portraying young people emulating the different positions of historical figures. The young people depicted in the painting are young students from two high schools in the area.

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