write assignment

write assignment

1. Read page 155, Exercise #1. Think about the poor memorandum examples listed in the Reading Assignment.

  • Now, assume you are “Elizabeth Grider,” the new employee at Civil Engineering Associates. You want to “fit in” with your co-workers, but the Friday working lunch at Coasters makes you very uncomfortable. Think about what you want to say to your boss, Robert Davidson about how you feel, and offer alternatives.
  • Consider the examples of a poorly written memo and suggestions for improvement. For example, starting the memo with a personal attack or taking too much time to state the purpose of the memo leaves the reader confused and angry. The Case 7-2 Instructional Memo (pp. 146-147) is a good example of how you could structure your response to Davidson, but address the Friday lunch situation, rather than rental car procedures.

Tip: Your memo could include much of the information in the 3rd paragraph of the exercise, to consider that readers of the memo should be “overinformed” or be told again what they already know about the circumstances (don’t be redundant however!).

Note: The response above should be directed to the individual in the exercise, and not to Dr. Dallas.

2. The last sentence in the memo should indicate whether you have completed this assignment on your own, or have received outside assistance. [This sentence is required and 15 points will be deducted if not provided.]

3. Open MS Word, select a blank document (do not use a template!), and write your memo in 200 to 500 words, using the chapter discussion points as guides.

4. Make sure to single-space your document. Check the Paragraph menu for Before & After spacing, and Line spacing:



Solution Preview

Written Assignment


From: Elizabeth Grider

To: Departmental Head

Dear Sir/Madam,

The main aim of writing this is to inform you of a huge concern that I have identified at the workplace. Since I joined the company, I have enjoyed great peace and tranquility while undertaking some of the major roles and duties that are expected of me by the management.

However, there has been a pressing issue that I want to raise that has been disturbing me and my ability to effectively administer the roles that I should play at the institution.

(443 words)

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