write two pages in text in apa

write two pages in text in apa

Female Offenders and their Crimes” across issues of substance abuse, drug crimes, property offenses, crimes of violence, prostitution, gangs, crimes against family members (filicide, infanticide, neonaticide) including attacks on and killing intimate partners. The majority of the text lists the types of offenses and some of the reasons for the varied crimes. Clearly, not all girls are made of “sugar and spice and everything nice.”

please answer ONLY TWO of the following questions:

How have drug addiction and the war on drugs become a gendered experience?
Why do women engage in property offenses?
How do girls use their gender within the gang context?
clearly mark which two of the questions you are answering and, in answering these questions, consider your planned area of research for the major course paper. To the extent that you can use these concepts in your ultimate research paper and presentation, you should orient your analysis and content in that direction.



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Gender and Crimes

In the last few decades, the abuse of substance and other related things were mostly inclined toward males in many nations. Currently, the issue of drug abuse and other crimes have become a common thing among young ladies. In every social group (income, age, and race) fewer females abuse drugs compared to males. Nevertheless, a significant percentage of women take part in drug abuse, this is as per the report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. For the needy females, however, the majority of these challenges are elevated by their social susceptibility status. It is apparent that for the poor ladies, their cases of drug abuse are likely to be reported more than that of the upper-class females ((Brady, Back, & Greenfield, 2009).

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