writing an application/reflection paper of a theory

writing an application/reflection paper of a theory

“” the theory of Media System dependency”””

the goal of you paper is to demonstrate your understanding of the theory and how the knowledge of that theory can help you become an intelligent communication sender/receiver

You expected to explain the major tent of the theory also, you are expected to apply the theory to particular situation to support your points

your paper should be double-space, 12 point font, Time New Roman, 1 inch margins, and 2-4 pages excluding reference, and your citations in-text and reference list should follow APA style




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The Media System Dependency Theory is a systematic approach that evaluates the effect of mass media on audiences and the interactions between the audiences, media, and social systems. The theory conceives on dependency as a relationship through which one party’s needs and preferences are fulfilled by relying on the resources of the other party (Jung, 2017). The main tenet of the theory is the existing relationship between the mass media and the audiences. In the industrialized and information-driven societies, the audience develops the tendency on relying on mass media to satisfy their needs and preferences which can either be information on policy positions of a political candidate or the need for entertainment (Jung, 2017).

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