Writing assignment journals

Writing assignment journals

Hello below are all the links to the videos i need done for my assigament and also what she is expecting in the eassy.

Personal reactions and observations
References to video specific video content that supports reactions/observations







Students are required to submit one Video Journal for each Unit of Instruction.

· Each Video Journal counts 40 points.

· Each journal requires:

a. Watch a documentary video

b. Submit personal reactions and observations using provided text box

c. Comments must include references to supporting information in the video.

Late Penalty: 8 points for each Video Journal submitted after the due date

Journal Grading Rubric

Length Maximum points
500+ Words 40
400-499 Words 30
300-399 Words 20
200-299 Words 10
<200 Words 5
Criteria Points
Personal reactions and observations 1-10 points
References to video specific video content that supports reactions/observations 1-25 points
On-time submission 5 points
Attachments area

Preview YouTube video Greatest Miracle PBS

Preview YouTube video Wild Child: The Story of Feral Children

Preview YouTube video The Growth of Knowledge: Crash Course Psychology #18

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