Writing Assignments # 4: Week 3 Status Report (Inafomation Memo) #3

Writing Assignments # 4: Week 3 Status Report (Inafomation Memo) #3

Writing Assignments # 4: Provide a Status Reports / Informational Memo (200 points @ 50 points each) in the correct format. Use the Memo Format on page 590 in your text, BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS TODAY . The Status Report (Informational Memo) will be submitted weekly as a PDF or Word Doc to your CEO (Instructor) addressing his questions or concern via CANVAS Assignments locate in each module.

The Report will be:

Brief (1-page, single spaced). PDF or Word Doc uploaded to CANVAS
In an Informational Memo format. Templates:Internal Information Report-1.jpg Internal Information Report-1.pdfPreview the document
Cover the key areas and objectives of lessons given.
Give a progress assessment in meeting key areas and objectives.
Present future objectives and opportunities.
Assignment Rubric


Compliance with all directions.

Content was logical, well written, and demonstrated adequate topic research.

No evidence of plagiarism. All sources properly sited.



Answer the following question for the Boss…..


Great Presentation. I need you to begin to transfer your presentation to a Business Proposal. How are you planning to do? What is you outline for the proposal?

The Boss



Solution Preview

TO: The Boss
FROM: Employee
DATE: 21st January 2019
SUBJECT: Forming Business Proposal from Presentation
Transferring a presentation to a business proposal
The presentation that has been made has to be formed into a business proposal. The first issue will be to understand the recipient of the business proposal. The business proposal could be an internal proposal which will only need the decisions of the people within the office. It could also be an external proposal where input from parties outside the organisation will have to contribute their input.

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