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Read and write your article on, Boldly Go: Character Drives Leadership at Providence Healthcare. Déjà vu? Yes, this is the same case study assigned for Dr. Gupta’s class. You must be able to read a report and perceive it through a different lens. For this week’s submission, focus your comments on the communication aspects of this case. You have two to four pages to devote to the communication issues facing Providence at the conclusion of the case study, possible solutions, recommended solution (be specific), and expected outcomes. A short submission requires clarity, conciseness, and focus. This paper should have no resemblance to your submission to Dr. Gupta. This is an assignment that focuses solely on the communication aspects of your reading assignment. Your deadline is 11:55 p.m., Sunday, October 9. Please submit as a Word document, or your paper will be returned with several (up to 10) points deducted.

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