Writing Question(4PGS.SPE)

  1. What is the significance to commercial aviation by the Contract Air Mail Act? (Kelly Act)
    (5 points)
  2. What is the purpose of the Airport and Airway Revenue Act of 1970? (5 points) 
    a. What are the items that are funded?
    b. How are the funds collected?
  3. Explain the significance of the 1978 Airline Deregulation Act (5 points) 
    a. Include a discussion of Essential Air Service
    b. Include a discussion of the Hub and Spoke system
  4. Review the history of your own hometown airport (or one that is close) and explain: (15
    a. Its history
    b. Is it part NPIAS or Non-NPIAS
    c. The current classification by the FAA (NPIAS)
    d. Type of ownership structure
    e. Number of Aircraft based on the field
    f. Number of Enplanements or Operations (if only GA)
  5. List the different types of airport ownership structures and the benefits of each type (5
  6. Find a commercial service (air carrier airport) in your state and talk about the
    branding/marketing efforts the airport uses. (5 points)
  7. Find any airport (within the last 10 years) Economic Impact Study and provide the
    link (10 points)
    a. What is the direct, indirect, and induced impact amounts?
    b. What was used as the multiplier for the study?

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