Literature Review ( Delivery drones)

Literature Review ( Delivery drones)

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Literature Review ( Delivery drones)
instruction paper is attached below, and the paper subject is Delivery drones draft is attached as well

literature review instructions




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Delivery Drones
Ever since their invention, drones have evolved constantly and now there are different models with advanced technological features that enable them to perform a wide range of tasks. Drones can now be used in agriculture, warehouses, construction sites and infrastructure development and maintenance. Also, big companies such as Facebook and Amazon are significantly investing in the utilization of drones in terms of delivery and expansion of internet access.

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POS 1041 National Government

POS 1041 National Government

Discussion Post requires reading the prompt completely and carefully.
Please read the section entitled “Technology’s Potential in Foreign Affairs” on page 587.

After reading these two paragraphs, you should have an understanding of how internet technology was used as a tool to foster democracy in Asia and the Middle East by checking the authority and policies of governments exposing violations of Constitutional Rights using visual and audio message services and providing a logistical means of communications for cross-national movements of goods, services, and ideas to travel.

Given this understanding, how could internet technology be used as a tool to distort and upend democracy in an established democracy, like the US. You may use any chapter concept from your text to put your ideas forth. There is no right or wrong answer, the purpose of the Discusion Post is to assess your ability to correctly put together your ideas with the political science concepts from the text in a logical and consistent manner. Hint Chs. 1, 4,6, 7,8,9,10 and 11 pgs. 352-360 all contain the material to begin your posting. I would look at Ch. 11 before starting the Discussion Post.

Be sure to cite the concepts you use.



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National Government

    Internet technology has brought significant transformations on the democracy many countries such as the United States (Harrison, Harris, & Deardorff, 2019). Democratic features much determine the rate at which people participate in politics. This guides people to know how political leaders contribute to the community as well as the nation at large.

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Marketing Case Study

Marketing Case Study

All papers including homework should have this format and only this format without exception:

Your Name The date will always be the class date when the paper is due!

Principles of Marketing

Business 360 001 CRN 1156



write a 7 to 8-page synopsis of each case based on the italicized questions at the end of each case. All the information you need is in each case and if necessary you can use other information based in the text to help support your conclusion. If necessary you may get more information from the internet to help justify your comments. These are in some cases your opinions and your answers must be justified to me why you believe in your comments. My case is in the attachment



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Marketing is defined as the study of management and exchange relationship of goods, services, and the targeted customer.  Marketing involves advertising and informing people of the services or goods that a company or organization is offering. For any business to take up, there is a necessity for good strategy and marketing plan. Businesses start all the time, but not all can pick up.

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Project Retrospective?

Project Retrospective?

Discuss the process to ensure future projects are conducted and implemented in an increasing efficient manner. What are some of the effective practices in project oversight?

Just needs to be 200-300 words and needs an apa reference



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So far, and up-to-date, project management practices have evolved since the niche or was realized many years ago. It is at the heart of project management that products and services are developed after corporate/organization brainstorming as well as innovation. In the contemporary setting, it has proved necessary that companies document their past projects in a formal,

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prevention and health promotion

prevention and health promotion

Identify a cardiac or respiratory issue and outline the key steps necessary to include for prevention and health promotion………

include 2 references and apa style 300 words .



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With the current increase in a sedentary lifestyle, cardiac issues have become persistent, and there is a need to take caution to prevent or minimize the chances of becoming a victim. According to Nordqvist (2019), a researcher in the Medical News Today newsletter, coronary heart disease is the most common cardiac disease registering about 370,000 deaths every year in the United States.

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Should performance enhancing drugs be banned based on situation or just basic reasoning?

Should performance enhancing drugs be banned based on situation or just basic reasoning?

I want to breakdown performance enhancing drugs and why they are banned. I want argue that these drugs could shouldn’t really be banned if offered a solutions. My proposal is the following:

Performance enhancing drugs are bad because they propose a disadvantage towards the other competitors during time of competition. What if there was a time frame where anybody can take it prior to competition? For example, what if they can only take the drug in order to work out or get a edge but they are required to stop during a time frame? Who decides the limitation on how much you can gain?

Now I know where will be some downside to this as far as drug abuse and other side effects but my counter argument could be that people are responsible for there own actions. If they decide to abuse the drugs they are taking that means during the competition of their decided sport they wont be at an advantage which was the whole purpose for taking the drug. I want to go into the advancement of how we actually look at performance enhanced drugs. which technological advances are put in place to detect or monitor the rate of drugs

also one section I want to discuss other legal drugs and why they are used to help athletes. I also want actually examples of athletes both male and female that are required to take drugs to make competition fair (Ex. women with high testosterone) and those who just take them just because they want a edge

I want this to be ARGUMENTATIVE essay with BACKED UP FACTS. I want pick a side but also give good counter arguments. Use different experts within this paper to back up your topic. You can use quotes from different scholarly sources. FIND SOURCES TO BACK UP ARGUMENT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MAKE SURE THE TRANSITIONS ARE SMOOTH AND NOT ALL OVER THE PLACE. each paragraph should follow the last one stated. make sure it make sense

make sure the introduction is clear what side I Want to talk about and the body paragraghs are full with DETAIL AND HARD EVIDENCE

for the conclusion I want to make guesses about the nature of the sport’s future and the future of the such drugs mentioned in the paper. make sure its a strong conclusion that doesn’t just restate the introduction




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Everyone out here is trying to establish their places, and with every day that passes by, the world continues becoming more competitive in almost all fields. In the current world, we live in everyone is expected to be their best at whatever they do. All this is due to the pressures in society, social media, which has become our daily to-go-to place. With all these pressures, even in the sports world, the athletes are ready to do anything so that they can claim their places in the sports.

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In this module, we cover the k-Nearest Neighbors (k-NN) data mining method. How would you compare this method with Multiple Linear Regression?  Under what circumstances would one be preferable to the other?




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Data mining is the process of analyzing data to extract knowledge using computer learning techniques. There are various methods of data mining including k-nearest neighbors and multiple linear regressions, and each of these methods cater for a specific business problem and also offers a different insight.

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evidence-based practice

evidence-based practice

To ensure that an evidence-based practice is working, it is important to evaluate the program routinely. Developing measurable and actionable goals will greatly assist in this process. Taking a step back to look at the progress of the program can be very beneficial in making modifications as needed for ongoing success. Any issues identified do not mean the program is a failure. Instead, it indicates areas that may need attention.

In Week 2, you examined the importance of evidence-based practice in general as well as the value of consumer involvement. You also explored the benefits and limitations of using evidence-based practices for chronic diseases and conditions at a population level. This week, you will apply insights on evidence-based practice to the specific chronic disease or condition at a population level that you selected for your Final Project.

For this Discussion:

To Prepare

Review the week’s Resources.
Conduct a search for evidence-based practices related to your Final Project topic.
Post a comprehensive explanation of how evidence-based practices might improve population health outcomes for the chronic disease or condition at the population level you selected for your Final Project. Then, explain how evidence-based practices might provide a better return on investment (ROI) for effective prevention and care management for the chronic disease or condition at the population level you selected for your Final Project. Be specific and provide examples in your post.





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Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-based practice is a strategy adopted by nurses to assess the best practice based on the evidence available to take care of the patients. Different patients have different needs; this indicates that there is a need to care for each patient based on the evidence available as it enables the health providers to offer the best and quality services to the patients.

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Assignment: Trace Your Community Donations

Assignment: Trace Your Community Donations

In Module 3, you identified (a) place(s) in your community that accept(s) and/or make(s) donations available for distribution. It’s time to explore how that organization(s) manage(s) to sort through all the things that are donated.

1. Find someone in an organization in your community that accepts donations. This could be an office manager, a cashier, a volunteer, a director – anyone who is tasked with work for this organization.

2. Explain politely that you are interested in how their organization goes about sorting through donations received. If the person you are talking to does not know, ask whom you should talk to to get a general feel for the donations sorting process.

3. Document what you find out and provide a description of the donation sorting process for that organization. In your description, also describe the process you went through to find out about how they sort donations.

This assignment is worth 80 points.



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Tracing Community Donations

            Donations play a crucial part in communities’ welfare as they are used to fund projects that improve people’s lives. In my community, donations are used to support the less privileged, such as homeless and low-income earners. At the same time, people’s contributions are used to undertake environmental activities that protect the ecosystem.

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Science and Diversity

Science and Diversity

For this module’s discussion, research a recent science news event that’s occurred in the last six months. The event should come from a well-known news source, such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, NPR, PBS, BBC, National Geographic, The New York Times, and so on. Post a link to the news story, and in your initial post, identify the following:

Summarize your news story and its contributions to the science or STEM fields.
If your news event is overtly related to diversity, how does this event contribute to diversity studies? If your news event does not directly relate to diversity, how could the science behind your event be applied to diversity studies?
In response to your peers, provide feedback about their news story and describe the value of the scientific lens for understanding diversity.

Review the module resources.

Curating Inequality: The Link Between Cultural Reproduction and Race in the Visual Arts
Race, Gender, Hollywood: Representation in Cultural Production and Digital Media’s Potential for Change
Adolescents and Media: Teenagers Talk About Television and Negative Representation
The articles in this module’s readings represent a small sample of the broader conversations around representation, diversity, and the arts and media. As you read these articles, consider:

What is the impact of a lack of representation of diverse groups? How can these issues be addressed?
Take a look at your own preferred media. In what ways do you see similar or different trends from those described in the readings?
Video: Miss Representation (1:30:30)

This video examines how women are represented in American mainstream media and the cultural norms that influence women’s behaviors and feelings of self-worth.

Peer post 1

An article from Nat Geo’s website discusses a great example of diversity in the field of astrophysics. Munazza Alam is the daughter of Indian/Pakistani parents and is a Muslim American (Zuckerman, 2019). She is studying under a National Geographic grant at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Munazza specifically states in the article that she wishes to inspire other women to also join the field. While she states that gender equality is statistically more equal than in other physical sciences there are fewer than 50% of her program classmates that are women. She stresses that there are no role models that share her cultural background and that she wishes to serve as one for “other girls who have a similar cultural background” (Zuckerman, 2019). Link to story is here…

This is a great example of intersectionality. Munazza is an example of a female with ethnic and religious diversity who is beginning to excel in astrophysics at an early age.

It is easy to find that diversity is not inherent in the mainstream of STEM students or STEM careers. Funk and Parker discuss statistical and attitude trends in STEM employment among ethnic minorities (2018). The article points out that Blacks and Hispanics are underrepresented in STEM occupations in direct proportion to the overall U.S. STEM workforce. This underrepresentation places social and psychological stresses on the workers involved.

The medical profession is still underrepresented in “certain ethnic population”(Halbu, Halbur & Rossi, 2013). The authors of the chapter on medicine and ethnic diversity also state that historically minorities have not always been treated fairly in the medical field. The need for cultural awareness/competence, regardless of ethnicity, is stressed by the authors as vital to the effective practice of medicine to all patients. Healthy disparities among minorities are acknowledged by the authors. Undergraduate programs that prepare ‘underserved’ populations are being implemented to address gaps in minority representation and success in medical school (Halbu, Halbur & Rossi, 2013).

Funk, Cary & Parker, Kim (2018, January 9). Blacks in Stem jobs are especially concerned about diversity and discrimination in the workplace. Retrieved from…

Miller, D., Costa, E., Haynes, N., McDonald, T., Nicolescu, R., Sinanan, J., . . . Wang, X. (2016). Inequality. In How the World Changed Social Media (pp. 128-141). London: UCL Press. Retrieved from…

Halbu, K. V., Halbur, D. A. & Rossi, A. (2013). Medicine and ethnic diversity. In C. E. Cortés (Ed.), Multicultural America: A multimedia encyclopedia (Vol. 1, pp. 1431-1434). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc. doi: 10.4135/9781452276274.n561

Zuckerman, Katherine (2019, March 6). Meet the woman searching for planet Earth’s twin. Retrieved from searching-for-planet-earth-s-twin/

Peer post 2

On fox news there is a short story on how a mutation gene is going into affect to cure blindness. The system is called CRISPR. It is an RNA-guided tool to edit the gene that children or adults have that cause blindness. This system is able to knock out genes, and insert or delete DNA. researchers will use an injection that will send the mutation through light-sensitive cells. They are going to have a total of 18 participates from ages three and older. The most interesting thing is once the DNA is edited it will not be passed down to future generations, so potentially the condition can come back to future generations.

My choice of science on the news relates to diversity because we are differentiating someone with blindness and other that are not. A lot of people that are blind get picked on or separated from jobs because of their condition. People are blind for many different reasons and every deals with it in a different way. It is very important if blindness was diagnosis when young because you have your whole life to learn and adjust than someone just got diagnosed yesterday and has to start all over. According to the article, “9 inequalities,” people often see inequality as the most disadvantages people living like scums, with no possibility of work and without hope for a bright future (Miller, et al., 2016, p. 128). there are people out there that think about this with the blind. No one lives in their shoes to judge and it is sad but we live in a world like this.

Miller, D., Costa, E., Haynes, N., McDonald, T., Nicolescu, R., Sinanan, J., . . . Wang, X. (2016). Inequality. In How the World Changed Social Media (pp. 128-141). London: UCL Press. Retrieved from



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Science and Diversity

Writing for the BBC, James Gallagher (2019) presents his case on research related to the spread of superbugs in society. Of particular interest is the development of Klebsiella pneumonia to the extent that the existing antibiotics can no longer appropriately treat it. The article highlights the prevalence of the superbug in different hospitals across Europe,

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