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Management has a duty to ensure their task forces have the necessary resources to efficiently and safely carry out an operation. In some situations, internal resources or skillsets may be lacking and managers must seek assistance from outside agencies. Depending on the type of assistance required, there are different types of agreements that can be put in place for the collaborative effort. Research types of agreements commonly used in law enforcement, including the memorandum of understanding (MOU), and the memorandum of agreement (MOA).

Assume you are the manager of an FBI task force. You have had a case referred to you concerning a potential terrorist attack involving an explosive device at a big sporting event in a large city. After reviewing the case, you have determined that you will require assistance from the local police force. Determine the general type of assistance that will be required and fill in the first three sections of the Task Force MOU Template.

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Webpage: Office of Partner Engagement 

This webpage provides students with an overview of some of the law enforcement associations, federal agencies, and FBI divisions that work together as strategic partners in law enforcement operations.

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Memorandum of Understanding Between

the [First Party (and acronym)]


the [Second Party (and acronym)]


Agreement Number [insert number]


This is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the [first party] and the [second party]. When referred to collectively, [first party] and the [second party] are referred to as the “parties.”



The local office of the Federal Bureau of Investigations was the first agency to acquire information about the potential attack. Consequently, transferring the information to the state office presented an opportunity for the development of a strategy to address the threat, in coordination with the national office. The available information at the time of transfer infers that the attacks targets a sporting activity in the city. Although the attack could be targeting a local sporting event, the effects would be extensive, particularly based on the size of the city, and the population that frequent the event. Therefore, the is need for extensive coordination of the activities involved in response to the situation.

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