4 pages. Personal Statement/Application Essay

4 pages. Personal Statement/Application Essay

I am applying master degree of Interactive Media(MFA) in USC

There are something I need to prepare.

Requirement is posted

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Personal Statement

When I was growing up, I had many a great interest in the different forms of media. Such interest was exemplified in various activities that I undertook when in high school. After such a realization, I took steps to pursue a career within the industry during my time in college. I currently want to pursue a Master’s Degree in Interactive Media at the University of Southern Carolina. I view interactive media as a course or profession that would play a great role in enabling me to realize my potential while at the same time creating personal fulfillment. Unlike other forms of media that are present within the society, interactive media offers me an opportunity to inform members of the public through some of the major digital platforms that are available within the media industry.

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