The discipline of teams

The discipline of teams  Important: Replacement Assignment for the Unit 4 Internal Competition (A Course for Team Performance) Assignment (11-10-22)All SectionsNo unread replies.No replies.Class, I sincerely appreciate your patience in …


Leading Productive Teams

Leading Productive Teams  Discussion Question 1o In Unit 4, we discussed specific actions that a leader can take if the teamsteers into dysfunctionality. This week, from your readings and your …


Discussion Question 1

Discussion Question 1 Details: Unit 7Topics• Physical Touch• Teaming across Distances and Cultures• Empathy• How Appreciation Works in Different Settings• Motivation by Appreciation• Self-DeterminationReading Assignments• Chapter 7 (The 5 Languages …


 Email Interviewee

 Email Interviewee Email a copy of your typed interview dialogue from Week 3, your PICO question from Week 4, and your annotated bibliography from Week 6 to your interviewee. Ask …


Inquiry Plan

Inquiry Plan What are the beliefs and instructional practices of teachers in a 4th-grade ELA classroom when using Disciplinary Literacy? Answer Preview


English Question

English Question Just wanted to add that this needs to be in MLA format! Let me know if you need anything from me:) Also just want to make sure that …


Personal Theory

Personal Theory Use the theory that you developed in week two. Improve it by using the information you have obtained in the intervening weeks. Use the Conceptual – Theoretical – …


 Rubric Development

 Rubric Development This assignment requires the student to develop a rubric for a written learning activity. The learning activity must be a written assignment with no PowerPoint, oral, return demonstration, …


English Question

English Question 1. Pick a long-form narrative (recorded talk, interview, written narrative) that offers a global perspective from a professional working in infectious disease prevention/intervention. (Multiple options are below, but …