Communication Practicum Project – Level Two: Assess Listening

Communication Practicum Project – Level Two: Assess Listening

Re-watch your movie then select a 10 minute scene and evaluate the listening techniques of the main characters. Point out the good listening techniques from the book, and assess the effectiveness of the perceived listening. Describe the following:

  1. What was the topic which was being addressed?
  2. What level of listening was being used?
  3. What internal/external barriers to effective listening were observed?
  4. Hypothesize how these barriers could be overcome.
  5. If you were to counsel one of the lead characters, what listening goals would you give for him/her? Explain.
  6. Cite all references correctly using APA.

Assess the culture of the characters in the movie:

  1. What was the culture of the main characters of the movie?
  2. How does the main characters culture relate to members of different cultures?
  3. Was the main characters culture one that he/she was raised with or was it chosen by the character?
  4. Find three elements concerning culture from your text and apply them to the movie, make sure you cite your source(s) using APA. I have attached Last week assignment for you to review as well
I included last weeks assignment. I thought my same tutor who did week one would be doing this one too. I need this paper to be consistent I don’t under stand why I can’t have my regular tutor doing this, I requested him and got you?
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Listening Assess.

            Listening encompasses receiving the words and sounds we hear translating them into something that sounds sensible to us. By this, we join significance to the words and sentences. Listening is important to all operative communication, devoid of the aptitude to listen efficiently messages are with no trouble misjudged. Communication breaks and the dispatcher of the message can simply turn out to be frustrated or annoyed (Steil, Et al, 1983).

            Regarding the American Beauty movie which was produced in 1999, the dining table scene is what I have selected so as to point out the level of listening. The topic that was being addressed her was how Lester Burnham’s day at work was like.

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