How do health care managers benefit from the study of marking?

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1. Health care managers could benefit from the study of marketing to gain knowledge on other organizations’ marketing tactics, services offered, pricing, and consumer base. Part of marketing is knowing your consumers. Looking at your area and seeing if there is an absolute need/want for what you want to offer. You can look at other similar organizations and see if they are marketing the service, how much they are charging for it, and other statistical data. You can see how they are marketing the service, figure out the best way to go from there. This is exactly how I would use marketing in my own practice. I can bring my research and ideas to other management or executives and have valid evidence that my thought is justified. I could present them with a new way to make money and gain more clientèle.

2. The definition of marketing the process of planning and executing that conception of price promotion distribution of ideas goods and services to create an exchange that satisfies individual and organization objective. How do health care managers benefit from the study of marking? Which scenario would like to secede one, sell a strawberry milkshake to a person in a pepper eating contest, or selling water to the same contestants? The benefit of using marketing studies is to know the consumer’s needs. As a health care manager knowing the needs of the community one can start to adapt to provide the necessary services needed by the consumers. The marketing research can benefit managers by having a clientele for the facility. As the organization uses the marking data to meet the needs of the consumer so can the individual of the organization. For the individual tailoring their provide needs of the clientele and the organization. The individual can be certified in the areas. An example an ER nurse with certification in PAL, ACLS, CCRN. In the ER having these certifications helps the organization a higher standard than its competitors.

3. Health care managers wear many hats and one of them is marketing for the health care establishment. Before marketing from any aspect, you should study your audience and target market. This would be an ideal way to start to see what type of audience you are targeting now. The study could also see what type of other services are new and see if any of their competitors are offering any of these. If not, these are things that you could potentially offer to increase your services to new and returning health care patients looking for specialty services. One thing that could also be a “benefit with studying marketing for managers could also be that they use it as a learning tool to improve health care skills and provide a superior service to their patients” (Tsai, 2014). This aspect also could help those who are also seeing to advance the skillset to advance their horizons within the health care continuum of care. These studies could also “help to improve quality of care” (Tsai, 2014).

What I would do as a health care manager in the practice to reach my organizational goals would be to “keep up with the competitive industry” (Elrod & Fortenberry, December 14, 2018). We can utilize marketing tactics to bring in new clients with new services that we could offer and no one in the area is. This could bring in more revenue for the company but also increase the services that are provided by specialty providers.

Requirements: Respond to 3 replies with 150 words and a reference each

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How do health care managers benefit from the study of marking

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