discuss or analyse one particular ‘concept’ or ‘problem’ in cultural geography?

discuss or analyse one particular ‘concept’ or ‘problem’ in cultural geography?

Choose two or three of the readings (including optional readings) from classes 1-7 and draw on them to discuss or analyse one particular ‘concept’ or ‘problem’ in cultural geography, such as (though not restricted to): the relationship between culture and geography; culture regions; landscape; folk culture. Summarize (describe) and evaluate the points/arguments as they are presented by the author(s). For example, are the principles upon which the concept is based still applicable (think about current cultural conditions, technologies, lifestyles, political or economic possibilities or restrictions)? Or you might want to ‘test’ the theory against a local example or against your experience or learning.

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Effect of Region on Culture

The study of culture has always included geographers and anthropologists among other scholars. Notably, a broad definition of culture would include the efforts to understand the social, political, economic, and even historical aspects of a particular population. One of the most notable aspects about cultural practices has always been differences in such practices across different regions in the world (Crang, 2013). Given that some practices are exclusive to certain regions, then it would be relatable that regions influence the culture within particular areas. For instance, the Mormon population is highest in the Rocky Mountains region of the United States while the mid-Atlantic and the larger east coast region has places with close to 0% of the people identifying as Mormons.

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