For this discussion, analyze the value chain for your industry value chain.

For this discussion, analyze the value chain for your industry value chain.

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One way to examine e-commerce and its role in the business world is through value chain analysis. Michael Porter introduced the value chain concept in 1985. It consists of a series of activities designed to meet business needs by adding value (or cost) in each phase of the process. Typically, a division within a business designs, produces, markets, delivers, and supports its products or services. Each activity adds cost and value to the product or service delivered to the customer.
Bidgoli, H. (2018). MIS (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning
Your Topic: Think about providing value to your organization.
In the image, the top four components—organizational infrastructure, human resource management, technological development, and procurement (gathering input)—are supporting activities. The “margin” represents the value added by supporting primary activities (the components at the bottom).

The following list describes primary activities:
• Inbound logistics—Movement of materials and parts from suppliers and vendors to production or storage facilities; includes tasks associated with receiving, storing, and disseminating incoming goods or materials.
• Operations—Processing raw materials into finished goods and services.
• Outbound logistics—Moving and storing products, from the end of the production line to end users or distribution centers.
• Marketing and sales—Activities for identifying customer needs and generating sales.
• Service—Activities to support customers after the sale of products and services.
For this discussion, analyze the value chain for your industry value chain.
For example: having superior relationships with suppliers (through prompt payments, electronic ordering, loyalty, and so forth), the company can ensure timely delivery and a high quality of raw materials. These, in turn, add value for customers by providing a high-quality product at a lower cost. If good quality and lower costs are top priorities for customers, the company knows on which parts of the value chain to focus (e.g., better suppliers to ensure quality and reduce costs, superior operations to ensure quality, better distribution to reduce costs, better after-sales service to ensure quality with warranties). So, the value chain is really about understanding what aspects of an organization’s business add value for customers and then maximizing those aspects.
• Identify your primary activities
• Identify your secondary activities and how those relate to processes
• Create value for your organization
Look at this from the perspective as if you were working in that field. Reference MIS project 1 and the initial work you have done. In your write-up address all these points, you will need to add these to your report and presentation later in this term.
This activity will provide you with the opportunity to research, analyze and synthesize current technologies and the use of those technologies in a real-world scenario as they relate to information systems.
• Complete MindTap Case Study analyses & answer the questions:
o M5 Case Study 9-1: Global Information Systems at Toyota Motor Company
o M5 Case Study 8-2: Bridging the Gap Between E-Commerce and Traditional Commerce
• Research current similar stores & new technologies, shopping innovations
• Post 800-1000-word narrative summary to Discussion Board 1
• Respond to at least 2 other classmates
Remember to use APA style for any citations.


Image preview for this discussion, analyze the value chain for your industry value chain.

For this discussion analyze the value chain for your industry value chain.


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