What is the historical period?

What is the historical period?

In a numbered list and in complete sentences write the answers to the questions, below, about the short story “The Storm” by Kate Chopin

Author: What is the author’s perspective? What has been his/her life experience? What are his/her biases, attitudes? How are these evident in the book?
Setting: What is the historical period? What is the social environment? What was going on in this particular locale at this time?
Tone or atmosphere: What tone or mood does the author convey early on in the book? What words or phrases set that tone. Does the tone change as the story progresses?
Point of view: Is there a narrator? What is the point of view? How does that point of view affect the story?
Structure: How does the book begin, end? Is there a framework to the story? Are there patterns or recurring symbols that are noteworthy? Are there breaks in the text? How is the text divided?
Characters: Who is the protagonist? What is his/her conflict? Who or what is the antagonist? Is the protagonist static or developing? How does the author present the characters, directly or indirectly?
Imagery: Note at least two particularly vivid images and sensory descriptions. Explain their significance briefly.
Symbolism: Is there a symbolic meaning that can be attached to repeated images? Explain at least one.
Plot: Summarize the plot in three to four sentences.
Theme: What is the meaning that the author is intending to convey. What universal truths or understanding of the human condition does the reader gain from reading this book?


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What is the historical period


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