International Business Skills

1500-2000 Words. APA Format. At least 3-5 References w/in text citations.

Create a proposal to the board to recommend globalization. You will use your deliverables from Weeks 1–3 in your work for this part. Include the following components:

  • Introduction: This is a general overview of international business and 1 example of a successful globalization attempt by a reputable organization.
  • Opportunities and Risks: Include the contents of your memo to the chief executive officer (CEO) of the company (Week1).
  • Employee Preparation: Include your article for the employee newsletter (Week 2).
  • Determine Organizational Structure: Address the organizational structure that you chose for your organization (Week 3).
  • Rationale for Globalization: Create an analysis of the necessary business skills for international business. Outline the format for an employee training to build skills in these areas.- NEW

Part 2 Tasks (Objective(s) from Week 5)

Summarize your proposal, including the following:

  • Summary: Summarize your research thus far.
  • Recommendation: Include a recommendation to the board based on your research as to whether or not the organization should choose globalization. Include the recommended organizational structure for the transition.

Note: The deliverable for this assignment is an APA written document to include the work of the previous three weeks.

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International business is the globalization process of the worldwide enterprise. Globalization attracts different business formats which increases enterprise success chances. A multinational business which puts into great consideration the successful globalization strategy attracts worldwide market approach in business operations and production in various countries. Company market diversification, ability to serve more people, development of reputable company corporate image, increased chances of foreign investment attraction, revenue potentiality and embracing new cultures are some of the main advantages of indulging in international business operations. Consequently, international business creates job opportunities in various sectors and countries around the globe. International business also puts into consideration various disciplines which assist in analyzing the main business issues, functionality and growth strategies (Giddens, 2018).

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